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It's Your Wig Business! (Ebook)

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Starting a business can be frightening and paralyzing at the same time as you become overwhelmed with the workload by yourself. You might be fearful of investing your hard earned money in your dreams and this is how we can help you. This eBook was constructed with you in mind to help lessen your anxiety and make your starting point within the industry easy, enjoyable and profitable. We have condensed this information into concise points that will be easy for you to assimilate and not become overburdened with information and become stagnant. Within the eBook you will have access to reliable and professional vendors, mostly raw hair vendors and mostly you will have a clear path to market your business. You will have information for wig cap vendors,  hair product vendors, packaging vendors, label vendors , lace vendors, marketing tips, content ideas, over 30 questions to interview your vendor, and the 7 best practices in testing hair quality, and more.


- Don't waste time searching for reliable vendors.  80% of the Vendors listed in this eBook we have done business with. We have provided a few for you to choose from as you must ensure the vendor you work with compliment your business messaging and some one you actually like to communicate with.

- Not sure of how to promote your business and what content to create? Do not worry. we have information within this guide to get your creative juices flowing so you can start talking to your audience.  

Rump Cream Ingredients

Centella, Angelica, Evening Primrose, Collagen Peptide, Shea Butter, Soy protein, Vitamin E, Chamomile Extract.

Rump Cream Function

To firm and lift the buttocks while reducing cellulite and giving the skin a smother appearance

Hair Care Instructions

- Wash your wigs at least once a month. Give a deep conditioning treatment monthly as well

- Use wide tooth comb to detangle gently. Always start from the end of the hair and work your way up to the tracks. Air dry wig after wash

- Use minimal heat when styling

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