Head Measurements for Wig Purchases

Head Measurements for Wig Purchases

We have realized that a lot of customers find the concept of measuring their head before ordering their wigs a strange concept.

But look at it this way, Would you purchase a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes without being aware of your measurements? No, you would not. Because you run the risk of getting an incorrect size whether it's too large or too small for you. 

Playing unsure games with your purchase can cause a lot of preventable headache and inconvenience, if only you are conscious of what your numbers are. It is important to get the correct wig size. Correctly measuring the size of your head is valuable in choosing a comfortable wig that's suitable for you. It is no longer one size fits all when custom options are available.

Don't look at it as a daunting task. Rather approach it as a necessary step in securing your investment that will yield you great returns. The process is simple and easy to follow. We have made a quick tutorial that you can follow that will help you with this step.

To measure use a soft tape measure. Starting from the front hairline, rounding above the ears, then rounding under the occipital bone to where the neck is bent. And then back to the front from where your hairline started. We recommend that you make sure your hair is flat as possible for a more accurate measurement. Watch the video here.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, kindly contact us.

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Love the information and the video helps a lot


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