Caring For Your Wigs at Home

Caring For Your Wigs at Home

Wig care is necessary to extend the life of your wigs at home. It's just like caring for your own hair except this one is removable. So how do you care for your wigs at home? It is not a tedious task as people might believe it is. All it takes is a little time, effort, and TLC to get your wigs to serve you for a very long time. Within this blog post, you will be given simple techniques that you can implement in the comfort of your own home, that will have your wigs looking beautiful and maintain them in their original condition. All of our wigs are made with 100% real human hair, hence the hair quality can last you for a very long time, up to 2years or more, however, this is completely based on your wig care practices. 

The first thing you will be doing is washing your wig. You'd be surprised to know that not a lot of people do wash their wigs. When washing your wigs do use cold water. Using water that’s too hot can make the hair strands dry and frizzy, eventually causing damage. Cold water seals the cuticle to keep the moisture in and makes your wig easier to finger comb during the styling process, cold water also helps with shine. 

1. Soak your wig in some shampoo and cold water and gently comb your fingers through the hair. Do this until the hair is clean when you rinse out the product.

2. After you shampoo the wig then you want to add some conditioner or silicon mix to the hair strands. We would then strongly suggest that you steam the wig. We have a wonderful product called Wig Reviver  which was created with you in mind. This simple yet effective tool will have your wigs looking new, and you don't need to use your microwave to apply heat during the steaming process. The wig reviver will do it all for you.   



3. You can steam your wigs once monthly and also use this product on your bundles and other hair pieces. Once the washing stage is completed, let your wigs air dry. We recommend air drying to reduce applying direct heat to your wigs because you might use direct heat during the styling process, so allow your wigs to dry without mechanical heat. 

4. If you will not be using your wigs immediately after cleaning them, you must store your wigs correctly. This will reduce the tangling of your wigs. Here are some ideas we recommend:

a. using a wig stand or wig head

b. storing in the original packaging

c. in a shoe box lined with soft tissue paper

d. in an airtight plastic container

e. clean plastic zip or grip lock bag

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