Debunking Wig Myths

Debunking Wig Myths

The whole purpose of a wig is to make your life a bit easier and without worry when it comes on to your hair. However, recently there have been some negative ideations about wigs and their use case. This blog post will address some of those myths and debunk them. Let's get into it.

1. Wigs fall off unexpectedly

Having a custom-made unit gives you the most secure fit as your correct measurements are extracted and used to make the wig to fit your head size and shape. Also with the various products on the market to secure your unit, it would be criminal not to utilize those resources when installing your wigs.

2. Wigs irritate your scalp

We always advise our customers to wear a wig cap (stocking cap) upon installing their wigs to reduce friction to their hair and scalp. These present-day technologies in wig cap material allow for more breathability and reduce sweating and itchiness. Washing your hair prior to your wig installation can make a lot of difference. 

3. Wigs give you headaches

Absolutely not correct if you have the correct wig size. Women that are faced with this issue are not wearing the correct wig size. Wigs are not one size fits all so kindly ensure that you measure your head correctly before purchasing your units. Also, our wigs have an attachable adjustable wig band so that you can tighten and loosen your wigs as you please. 

4. Wearing a wig will stop my hair from growing

We have yet to encounter this problem ourselves. The opposite seems to be true as your hair will grow with a good hair care regimen and management. Wigs are not magic potions that will grow your hair so the onus is on you. What wigs do is allow you the liberty to care for your hair more appropriately than braids would allow. 

5. It's always obvious when you're wearing a wig

This statement doesn't reflect the breakthrough in wigs that have occurred within the last 1-2 decades as it's pertaining to lace wigs. We will agree to an extent where the "baby hairs" are concerned as those are a tell-tale sign that most likely the person is wearing a wig. In spite of that, a well-tweezed hairline and lace melt will give you an immaculate result that will give you a natural and realistic finish.

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