Choosing the Right Wig

Choosing the Right Wig

Wigs have so much use beyond just beauty. Wigs help lots of women and men with confidence, self expression, empowerment, etc. Choosing the right wig for you is not as daunting as it may appear. We know that having multiple options at your disposal might make you overwhelmed hence the reason for this information to help you decide on the perfect lace wig for you.

We do not want you to become paralyzed when deciding on what wig would best complement your facial features, that you end up abandoning on your purchase. Instead, utilize the effect of elimination. By removing options you improve your authority in choosing the best wig for you. 

Things you need to know before hitting that buy button:

1. Know your cap size. Watch our video on measuring your head size here. A closely fitted wig gives the most comfortable feeling, perfect fit and natural look to your wig. Always double check your head measurements to cross check and confirm the data.

2. Know what length and texture you desire. You must be realistic and practical about this option so that your wig will serve you the best. Determine how often you will be wearing your wig, what activities will you be doing while wearing your wig, how much time can or will you take to install your wig and how much effort will you want to allocate to caring for your wig?. Know that curly textures requires a lot of care and lace frontal wigs require more time and skill to install, longer lengths such as 20" and up needs gentler strokes when brushing especially during wig maintenance. 

3. Another thing to consider before buying is the price tag. Keep in mind that lace frontal wigs, colored wigs, wigs with longer hair lengths and wigs with curly hair textures costs more. 

Here is another technique you can use when choosing a wig for yourself. By knowing your face shape you can confidently choose a perfect wig for your facial structure. Reference to the information below to help guide you

a. Oval face shape can wear any style however the most flattering tend to be long layers, shoulder length waves, layered bob, side swept.

b. Square face shape goes well with a fringe or bangs.

c. Round face shape works best with long bob, long straight hair, long voluminous waves or swoopy bangs

d. Heart face shape looks great with blunt bangs, wavy layers, chin length bob with bangs

e. Oblong/ Rectangle face shape is similar to square shape, lots of volume is needed with layers, side swept or feathered fringe

F. Diamond face shape looks great when cheek bones are shown, short cropped hair complements well or long hair with face framing layers

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interesting about the face shape. I do agree that some styles look better on some facial structures


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